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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: 3 month collective investigation of race, gender, and class as it pertains to artists, workers of color … Email letter of interest to join: awci(a)
• Artists and Workers of Color /Documents of Resistance Part 3
– Collective research, reading, and production  @ Triangle Arts (Dec 2014- Feb 2015)
• Rave on the Ashes of Europe
(dialog/ new format spring 2015)
• The Occupy Wall Street Journal
– An Archive of The People’s Headlines (2011-2012)  (coming summer 2016)



Documents of Resistance: Letters of Protest by Artists of Color (2014-ongoing) Uncovering histories. Amplifying voices. Investigating race, class, and gender in art institutions through various documents of protest by artist of color from 1960s to the present. Docuements of Resistance 1: “Subtleties of Resistance” Free University at Kara Walker/CreativeTime, July 5, 2015 Documents of Resistance 2: “Horizontal Art Action” Free University NYC/Art in Odd Places. October 11, 2014 Documents of Resistance 3: Three month research residency at Triangle Arts Association Dec 2014–Feb 2015. ThePublicSchoolNYC Listing: Artists and Workers of Color Initiative / Reading, Research, and Production   4 points and a circle (2012-ongoing) It is usually the grandeur of the wooded area surrounding The Manse that we recall from our history books. In American Romantic painting for example we are overwhelmed by the sublime depicted in the surrounding forms: nature, elements of the creator, man and nothing else. Within the framework of Four Points and a Circle we are called to uncover a different human condition hidden from our perspective. One: A search for a different economy (2012)   The Occupy Wall Street Journal (2011-2013) vizKult needs help archiving user submitted covers made for The Occupy Wall Street Journal during the occupation of Zuccotti Park in 2011 and in various Occupy Town Square Pop-ups in 2012. The project was originally started from within the NYC General Assembly Arts & Culture working group which has since disbanded, leaving vizKult to pick up the work and archive the project. Reach out if you have experience, skills, or advice. The plan is to archive the covers and build a mini-website for display. People’s Headlines from Liberty Park #1-25 September 2011-June 2012 (to be archived) Issue 1 – “Play Time is Over” September 2011 (to be archived) Issue 2 – “NYPD Gets Medieval” October 2011 (to be archived) Issue 3 – “Time to Rebuild” Alternative Economies Limited Edition January 2012 (to be archived)   propositions (2009-2012) The task of these PROPOSITIONS is to create open-ended structures that perform around fragments of language. These structures are constantly shifting -they have no end, no single author: anyone can add to them or subtract from them, they can be neutralized or destabilized. PROPOSITIONS combine the paraliterary with the paravisual in that responses can be linguistic or visual, conceptual or reflexive. One thing is for sure, it’s more interesting to traverse these structures than to harvest the semantic fruits which they might bear. after image (2009) no dogs were harmed (2010) a line nature (2010-2011) the natural light (2011) discrete power (2011) commonalities (2012)