Free University

May Day 2013 Free University at Cooper Union



Free University

May 1st, 2013

vizKult believes that knowledge is a commons: knowledge originates from many, and is cooperatively produced. Knowledge should not be bought or sold but should be free. This May Day 2013, vizKult helped facilitate activities for a free university in solidarity with the students at Cooper Union. But vizKult would like to underline that it does not support reinstating free education for only a select few as it existed in the past, but free education for all via a progressive admissions policy. A policy that admits anyone who wants to learn, not based on merit but based on will, no mater sex, age, or background.

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三 人 行 必 有 我 師 (Three people walking, there is my teacher) – K’ung Fu-tzu (551–479 BC)