Gogoasa Negru
part of No Dogs Were Harmed
vizKult/Urban Vision Quest
Bucharest, Romania
July 2010

Sites proposed:
The following are optimal choices for Gogoasa Negru in Bucharest, Romania. These site are chosen from various reasons explained below, some symbolic, others formal.

Gogoasa Negru - Various Locations - Strada Batistei, Icoanei, Apostoli, Alexandru Philipede




Description: A circle/line is made around the perimeter of the space in which is chosen to exist. The line is continuous unbroken, unless there is a window or another such architectural opening. The line is about the height of average sight line, 5'3"-5'5". The space can be named after the visitor who's sight line is that of the Gogoasa Negru.

This circle/line fluctuates between embrace and isolation. It warmly embraces everyone in its presence, this quality makes it a piece about 'togetherness'. It also isolates us from the outside, locking us in. Some see this embrace as suffocating and confining.

This circle/line also implicates. It encircles the space as if to mark the point: this is the space and this is where they are. What space and who are they? It can exist on rooms in the US and in the rest of the world. It does not discriminate.




Location Nr.1/4: Strada Icoanei (Icon):
The site is an abandoned donut shop east of Parcul Icoanei, near by there is the Central School.

Gogoasa Negru - Strada Apostoli

Gogoasa Negru - Strade Icoanei, Bucharest, Romania



Location Nr.2/4 Apostoli/Apolodor:
The approximate location is near Strade Vanatori (Troops) and and Vigilentei (Vigilent).** This location was chosen for it's symbolic location and because of it's appearance: a small empty room, with 3 flaccid mannequins, and a table. One mannequin is without legs, without arms. I also chose this area as the subject of the books I made in Romania.

Gogoasa Negru- Strada Apostoli, BUcharest, Romania

Gogoasa Negru - Strada Apostoli, BUcharest, Romania



Location Nr.3/4 Alexandru Philippede (Romanian Poet):
This is the area where I worked on thes projects. Everyday I imagined implicating myself in the Gogoasa Negru.

Gogoasa Negru - Strada Alexandru Philipede

Gogoasa Negru - Strada Alexandru Philipede, Bucharest, Romania



Location Nr.4/4 Strada Batistei (sheer linen cloth?):
This location is the home of an experimental space Paradis Garaj. It stand out from other "experimental" spaces and/or is somehow ambivalent of relations with the artistic establishment in Romania. What ever the political standing of this location it has the potential of also bringing together and isolating is visitors.

Gogoasa Negru - Strada Batistei, Bucharest, Romania

Gogoasa Negru - Strada Batistei


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Bucharest, July 2010. vizKult/antonio serna