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commonalities - june 4-9th - altes finanzamt - berlin


is an on going project to connect seeminly distance points in history with our present condition.
Four Points and A Circle
One: A Search for a Different Economy
Complimenta (I)/The Manse
Ithaca, New York
September 2nd & 3rd, 2012
It is usually the grandeur of the wooded area surrounding The Manse that we recall from our history books. In American Romantic painting for example we are overwhelmed by the sublime depicted in the surrounding forms: nature, elements of the creator, man and nothing else. Within the framework of Four Points and a Circle we are called to uncover a different human condition hidden from our perspective.

commonalities - june 4-9th - altes finanzamt - berlin


are vizKult initiatives. Their task is to create open-ended structures that perform around fragments of language... The following propositions are unfolding...

Conviviality in the Garden - Hsiao Chen, Forset Purnell, Brian Zegeer, Antonio Serna
a Line in Nature
(Fall 2010 - ongoing)

Next Meeting:
A research/reading group that examines the relationships between humans and nature throughout time, thus tracing a line in nature. Although there are no expectations for the group, informal research, presentations, and experiments are welcome. To join send an email to x@*this-website-name*.org to participate in the group. more info on A Line in Nature
June 2, 8-10pm
Conviviality in the Garden

Le Petit Versailles Garden
E. 2nd Street, b'tween Ave A & B

Special Saturday June 2 Guide & PDF

The conviviality that is possible in the garden is multiplied by it's ability to be at once many different spaces for those who are present, and exponentially so as one moves through the garden. As the sunsets on this long day of venturing inside gardens, we've invited several artists to this informal gathering to reflect on art projects related to nature, gardens, and conviviality. Invited artist include Brian Zegeer, Hsiao Chen, Forest Purnell, Antonio Serna, and others TBA.

Conviviality in the Garden is part of Occupy The Land: NYC Community Gardens Coalition, Unconference June 1, 2, 3, (Fri-Sat-Sun) 2012 - We've also organized a list of other events specifically for Saturday begining at 1pm inWilliamsburg and 4pm in East Village area, ending at 10pm with Conviviality in The Garden. Details of this special schedule can be found on our blog. For a complete three day festival schedule check the NYC Community Gardens Coalition website.

chinese couplings for the anarchist book fair, 2012
Chinese couplings for the nyc anarchist book fair, 2012
WHEN: Fri-Sat, April 13, 14, 15
WHERE: Judson Church (balcony)
55 Washington Sq. South, NYC
2 Chinese couplings + 1 antinomy by C.D'A.
Tranlations located either in the program or at the info table.

vizkult projects for the 2011 book fair are located here: DISCRETE POWER & Re-Inscribing the City: Unitary Urbanism Today

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

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Art is a big business that starts the moment you begin to think about wanting to be an artist, these institutions will convince you that, yes, you can be an artist, with the right education. Cost below for a MFA Fine Arts for 2010-2011.
Columbia University, MFA Fine Arts
$89,784 total / $22,446 per semester. This is tuition only, there are also other fees for facilities, etc which add up to an additional $1,664 per semester, bring a 2 yr MFA to $96,400, making education at Columbia University the most over priced MFA.
Pratt, MFA Fine Arts
$75,780 total / $18,945 per semester. Pratt doesn't even list the tuition and fees up front. You have to download this pdf, and when you do, it doesn't directly list the per credit cost to obtain Pratt's 60 credit MFA in Fine Arts. I was surprised to find Pratt to be more expensive than SVA given the location in Brooklyn.
Parsons, MFA Fine Arts
$72,240 total / $18,060 per semester. Parsons and Pratt are neck and neck for second place in overprices MFA programs. I spoke to one Parsons student that said it was worth it because you get good visiting artist, but that's not the case, if your school has a art student union you can usually invite any artists to visit your school. These are Parsons MFA Fine Arts tuition for 2009-2010 school year, I bet it's gone up a couple thousand for next semester, You'd think they would update the info by now?
School of Visual Arts , MFA Fine Arts
$63,000 total / $15,750 per semester. SVA doesn't list the fees for Fine Arts, but you can get an idea how much more tuition will be here.
CUNY Schools:
Brookyln College
City College
Hunter College
Queens College

$14,720 / $3,680 per semester NY state residents. Out of state is $575 per credit/MFA is 48 credits, so about $27,600 Out of state for the entire degree- still 1/3 of the cost of the other schools. This is a realistic option in the sense that you can work, take out a few loans and pay for your tuition, averaging $1,050 per month.

But still, research the three big factors: location, faculty, studio, and post-graduation assistance, i.e. network for alumni., when choosing a school.

Brooklyn College MFA Fine Arts
City College MFA Fine Arts
Hunter College MFA Fine Arts
Queens College MFA Fine Arts
Hunter College tuition calculator
CUNY MFA Yahoo Group


for self education. Mostly free. Currently listing only schools in New York. If you have a group you want to list, email us. Descriptions coming soon.


for artist. Including mailing list, listings of art and artist opportunities. the list should be longer, I know, but how many lists can one human follow?
Art & Education (International)
Website and email newsletter. "Art&Education announcements distributes information about some of the world’s most important contemporary art exhibitions, publications, and symposia taking place within educational contexts, as well as academic employment positions available in the visual arts."
E-flux (International)
Website, email newsletter, journal, and much more... "Established in January 1999 in New York, e-flux is an international network which reaches more than 50,000 visual art professionals on a daily basis through its website, e-mail list and special projects. Its news digest – e-flux announcements – distributes information on some of the world's most important contemporary art exhibitions, publications and symposia."
DKS List (New York)
Douglas Kelley Show List. Bare bones weekly listing of shows in NYC, edited and by area. There is also a mailing list you can subscribe to.
Platform for Pedagogy (New York)
Platform for Pedagogy is an initiative to advance a culture of cross-disciplinary public lecture attendance and to develop the lecture as form. Platform Mailer is a weekly events e-mail promoting public lectures in and around New York City
Art Cat (New York)
The opinionated Guide to New York Art. These people also offer a calendar that you can feed into your iPhone or Google Cal, or iCal.
Nurture Art (US/International?)
NURTUREart Non-Profit Inc. is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for both emerging artists and curators... They also have two calendars you can plug into your iPhone, iCal or Google Cal one for Artist Opportunities, the other for Artist Residency Deadlines...

Foucault Virilio Bataille


explores visual culture through the lens of Georges Bataille, Paul Virilio, Michel Foucault, et al.
vizKult is loose band of artist and writers that explore visual culture. The aim is to examine how the visual operates within society and the cult-like mechanisms that manufacture, shape, and control the visual world around us. vizKult's emphasis is on the process of examining the contemporary visual condition.

Occupy Wall Street Journal
Occupy Wall Street Journal
NYC General Aseembly
Arts & Culture proposal
Sept 26, 2011 - ???
Many groups have come out to occupy Wall Street, in New York City. Before the occupation, there was the NYC General Assembly, a supposedly flat organization with no leaders, purely the voice of the people who attended. Since then more power players like Creative Time and The Yes Men, The Indypendant have flocked to the fest... NyTimes, New York Magazine, The Village Voice , The New York Observer have all covering the story incorrectly, since they have no clue what horizonal organization looks like.
come see what we are upto....


plays an important role in the art world, because everybody wants a piece of culture. Looting, black market, theft, vandalism, etc...
Interpol Stolen Works of Art
From Interpol website: "In order to combat the theft of cultural property, the relevant organizations and the public need to be made more aware of the problem. This is the primary objective of these web pages."
Art Crimes
A more sensationalist approach to art crimes.
Wikipedia Looted Art
Wikipedia gives decent coverage of the Looted Art Scene.


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