Commonalties at Altes Finanzamt


June 4th-9th, 2012

I. Is space the only thing that divides us? And is color and shape really the only thing that further differentiates our divided spaces? Even then, Spinoza’s physical theory tell us that in regards to individuality, our bodies are really only modifications of a single substance. We are all woven from the same thread, to put it in colloquial terms. Then can it be said that exchanges and engagements with in art can be a place where commonalities are created as a way to deal with this superficial division of space, color, and shape?

workshop & visual propositions

Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7
EG Neukölln 12043

[We ask of the participants to expand this text using various sources, notions, scenarios, and incidences. These elements will be gathered and discussed at Altes Finanzamt in Berlin, June 4-9th. Expanding list of participants & collaborators: Antonio Serna (NY),  Are You Meaning Company (JP/DE), Ayaka Okutsu, Bruno Antunes (PT/DE), Christine Cheung(CA/DE), Christian Hincapie (USA), Darren Jones(USA), Diego Chamy(AR), Futo Akiyoshi + Kouichi Tabata(JP/DE), Kristin Trethewey(CA/DE), Lorenzo Sandoval(PT/DE), Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi(JP/DE), Michael Lee(SG/DE), MiYoung Sohn(USA), Snack HATOBA(DE) | Last Updated Sept 25, 2012 ]